Modipyd: Autotest for Python, and more

Modipyd is a Python module dependency analysis and monitoring modification framework, written by Takanori Ishikawa and licensed under the MIT license.

What’s New:

This project aims to provide:

  • Automated testing tool pyautotest (like ZenTest’s autotest) for Python
  • Plugin architecture designed to be simple enough to allow user to customize action triggered by the module modification event
  • API for Bytecode analysis, Module dependency analysis, and Monitoring module modification

Things you can do as a public user:

  • Download latest release and use it: Version 1.1 released!
  • Create a new ticket: Tickets are the life blood of a project. They can be anything from bug reports to todo items, feature requests which can be assigned to folks involved in the project.

For developers interested in this project:


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